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Dear Valued Customer,

FYI, we discovered that the hosted server labelled as ( has faced an unknown hardisk issue which caused the service failure and server down.

All the immediate available recovery procedure has been performed by our Technical Team. Unfortunately, it still failed to solve the occurred issue.

Since this server utilised Windows 2003 OS which has reach end of life and there is no further update/support being provided by Microsoft, we have decided to migrate your hosting account along with all other service such as web, database, email and etc into a new server as to resolve the issue permanently. Client that involved in this migration will be contacted in a separate email for the details of the migration process.

Maintenance Description

Date         : 18 April 2014
Start Time    : 12:00PM
Server Effected    : (IP:

Migration phase

PHASE 1 : Hosting account creation in the new server
PHASE 2 : Email account re-creation
PHASE 3 : MX update
PHASE 4 : Migration of emails data (if any) from old hosting to new email server.
PHASE 5 : Migration of the website, database & etc.
PHASE 6 : Website, database & etc status verification process.
PHASE 7 : Nameservers update.

How to verify your account involve in this maintenance

Kindly perform below procedure as to rectify your account status:

1. Start -> Run -> Type 'cmd' -> Type 'ping YOURDOMAINNAME'

2. If you get IP in the ping respond, this mean that your hosting account will be involved in this mentioned migration.

Maintenance Impact:

1. During the migration, there will be a slight service interruption.

2. The IP Address of all the services (Web, email and FTP) will be changed upon the completion of the migration process.

3. You will using SmarterMail email service upon the completion of the email service migration instead of MailEnable. You are advised to backup your email data into your local machine for safety purpose. You may contact our Support Team as to guide you further on the backup procedure.

4.The control panel for your hosting account will be changed from Helm control panel to WebsitePanel control panel.

5. You are advised to keep a backup of your web site on your local terminal. You may contact our Support Team as to guide you further on the backup procedure.

6. You will be given a new set of hosting login details and related information.

7. You are advised to reschedule a different time slot for site update as to ensure the migrated website content are in sync.

8. Progress of Migration will be updated in this announcement until the migration is completed.

If you do have any inquiries regarding this maintenance, please contact us by raising a Support Ticket via or sent an email to us at Kindly specify your domain and detail steps as to produce the error as to speed up the troubleshooting process.

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Technical Support Team
Net Onboard Sdn Bhd

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